NAT Router for other purposes

Cutler, James R james.cutler at
Thu Jan 31 22:40:04 UTC 2002

I use a Linksys BEFSR41B to connect both my PC and my Linksys printer server
together while I am using my Internet connection.  This way I can use the
Internet and any of the three printers supported transparently with nothing
but selecting which printer I want to use.

And, since I use a company laptop as my PC, the hardware changes often.  The
Linksys insulates these changes from my ISP connection.

Oh, in addition, I never see DOS attacks against my PC or my printer server,
since the Linksys does not respond to connection attempts.

Does this mean that I am an evil person, trying to cheat the ISP?  Should I
be charged $5/month to use my printers which cannot be accessed from the ISP

I think not, and, not.

James R. Cutler, EDS
800 Tower Drive, Troy, MI 48098
248 265 7514  (8-3650

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