Circuit for Cisco Long Reach Ethernet

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It is what telco's usually call a "dry-pair" or a "no-load pair".  You only
need 1 pair (2 wires) with nothing on it.  The key is that you don't want
the telco putting power on the line.  If you want to use their PBX
connection I think you need 2 pairs instead of 1 though.  

I just tested LRE yesterday and the setup is very easy.  Assuming you have
pretty clean lines then you should have no problem getting it to work.  The
2924 XL-LRE is even smart enough to reverse the wires if you get tip and
ring swapped.  

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What kind of circuit I should order if I want to use Cisco Long Reach
Ethernet between two buildings that is 3000 feet?


Suan Jong Yeo
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