Looking glasses with programmatic interface?

Vincent Gillet vgi at zoreil.com
Wed Jan 23 09:45:51 UTC 2002

Hi Stephane,

> I'm surprised to see that every looking glass I know is only reachable via an 
> interface made for humans, not for programs. When you want to query the LG via 
>  a program (for instance to monitor your routes on a distant LG), you need to 
> emulate an human being and parse HTML (or sometimes Cisco text) replies.

Public looking glass are for humans.
I do not want my looking-glass being heavily loaded by cron tool.

looking-glass use router CPU and i do not want to see a foolish guy to
put a :

* * * * * 

Crontab  ...

Route-server is a solution to have load CPU router.


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