Looking glasses with programmatic interface?

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at gitoyen.net
Wed Jan 23 09:24:25 UTC 2002

I'm surprised to see that every looking glass I know is only reachable via an 
interface made for humans, not for programs. When you want to query the LG via 
 a program (for instance to monitor your routes on a distant LG), you need to 
emulate an human being and parse HTML (or sometimes Cisco text) replies.

Does anyone operate looking glasses with an interface made for programs such 
as XML-RPC <URL:http://www.xml-rpc.org/>, SOAP <URL:http://www.soapware.org/>, 
Java RMI, Corba (no, I'm joking) or Microsoft COM (joking again)?

What do you think of a standard XML-RPC API for looking glasses?

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