Does NSI's domain update web site ever work?

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Subject: Does NSI's domain update web site ever work?

> Dunno how operational this is, but it sure is a pain in the butt.
> I have a .com domain that I would dearly like to remove from NSI's
> clutches.  In a moment of poor thinking a few years ago I registered it
> through Worldnic, so its email address is at WORLDNIC.NET,
> making it impossible to transfer since there's no address for the new
> registrar to ask whether the transfer's OK.
> No problem, I still have my account number that NSI assigned me in 1999, I
> can log into their web site and update the email address.  Except that
> every single fricking time I try, it says:
> System is temporarily unavailable. Please try back later.
> It's been saying this for months.  It worked for about 30 seconds last
> month, enough to pay them $35 to keep the domain alive, but I wasn't able
> to get back in to change the address.  In the past I'd have let it expire
> and reregistered it the next day, but nowadays the vultures will beat you
> to it.
> E-mail requests asking when it'll be working again are sometimes ignored,
> sometimes answered three days later with boilerplate telling me that I can
> update my info through their wonderful web site.  (I think this is known
> in the CRM biz as "excellent" service.)
> So is there any hope?  Do I need to get a pizza and rent a couple of
> movies and camp by the phone while I wait on hold or what?

I have to say that I have been having the same problem with them. I have
been waiting for a .net and its almost 3 months since the domain has been
"expired" and no updates have been made on the domain in that time. I have
tried contacting the administrative contact but they don't respond (of

Is there a way you can rock NSI's world to get the domain or are they
forever lost within the sub-space ether??

(not had good dealings with them before and dont expect to this time either)

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