Does NSI's domain update web site ever work?

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Tue Jan 8 22:17:00 UTC 2002

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> I have to say that I have been having the same problem with them. I have
> been waiting for a .net and its almost 3 months since the domain has been
> "expired" and no updates have been made on the domain in that time. I have
> tried contacting the administrative contact but they don't respond (of
> course).

We went through that last year.  The domain name was > 3 months past
expiration, and I finally called NSI and got kicked up the food chain to
someone "in legal".  I was told that "NSI will not release expired domain
names for other to register unless the name is intentionally transferred by
the [ex] owner of the domain".  And there at lay, until the name we had been
trying for 3 1/2 months to register was mysteriously registered by abovenet.
> Is there a way you can rock NSI's world to get the domain or are they
> forever lost within the sub-space ether??

I hear big $$ works well, but if you're just one of "us", you can forget
about anything even remotely related to either "service" or "honesty".

> (not had good dealings with them before and dont expect to this time either)

Welcome to the NSI world :-(

J.A. Terranson
sysadmin at

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