Cogent Thrashing Box Available. IPERF and Web

Mike (meuon) Harrison meuon at
Thu Dec 19 14:53:08 UTC 2002

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, ______ _________ wrote:

> Ehh...something isn't quite right...  I managed '573 kBytes/sec' on a 
> 1.5/384 consumer ADSL...  573 kBytes/sec is > 1.5mbit by a good margin :) 
> Though it is a nice ego boost LOL :)  Running the test again as I'm typing 
> this message so we'll see what it gets me (hopefully more realistic).  I do 
> have path MTU on as well as large TCP windows which might be affecting the 
> numbers some but I can't be sure...Second test yielded even wierder 
> results...Locally another machine started a download so the results 
> should've been much lower, instead my result was like 3272.73 this time, 
> even less possible... :D

I took out the name, as it was sent to me privately. 

We saw this last time testing with them as well. Speed tests
on this box locally on 100mbps ethernet show normal realistic settings. 

What we are theorizing is that Cogent is caching outgoing/incoming web 
traffic, the web server sees the buffered speed.. and reports it. 


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