Cogent Thrashing Box Available. IPERF and Web

Mike (meuon) Harrison meuon at
Thu Dec 19 13:19:55 UTC 2002

In the middle of all of this talk re: Cogent and such, 
they apparantly spent some $$$ somewhere and made our
test connection a whole lot better. 

In a nutshell, we did this a month ago and it stank. 
Bursty, high and variable latencies.. etc.. 
Apparently they fixed something.

Yesterday in our first test on the new stuff, 
in 5 FTP sessions to various FTP sites we generated
a smooth 20-30mbps 

So, both iperf and the web based speed test are both back online:

Please abuse and test it for a day or two.. 

It is supposedly an OC3 to Cogent..
It's 100mbps fdx on the test machine.. 

   Nail that mother to the wall.. PLEASE. 

   All test results will be made public. Iperf and Web, complete with 
   the MTR traceroutes - just in case anyone wants to peek. 


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