Cogent and Level3 Peering Issues

alex at alex at
Wed Dec 18 22:13:18 UTC 2002

> Thing is if your connection is completely full one way, it'll effect 
> traffic the other way too. It should not be happening with syncronyous 
> connections, but practical observation is that it does! I suspect router 
> hardware is to blame (possibly packet cache is way full) and I'v seen 
> it happen only if you try to send 100% more traffic then link can handle 
> (just 100% traffic does not efect it - have to really push it), this 
> happened on 100Mb and even on Gb interface.

If your circuit is full one way, it really makes no sense to be bothered
dealing with reverse path *before* fixing your forward path. Fix the
outbound (saturated) first, *then* look at the rest.


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