Cogent and Level3 Peering Issues

william at william at
Wed Dec 18 22:30:40 UTC 2002

Of course, your right about what needs to be fixed! But situation with 
cogent is such that I do not have that option. Their peering link with 
level3 is congested because of all the traffic going to AOL and some of 
traffic destined to me is going through same link the other way and 
getting jammed as a sideeffect as well. I route aol-destined traffic from 
my net to provider other then cogent - but how do I tell AOL and L3 (and 
only them) that best path to me is through somebody else? Basil is right - 
the best way to deal with that would be for cogent to provide special 
community that would allow me to direct cogent to prepend several of their 
ASN to level3 advertisements.
> If your circuit is full one way, it really makes no sense to be bothered
> dealing with reverse path *before* fixing your forward path. Fix the
> outbound (saturated) first, *then* look at the rest.
> Alex

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