Operational Issues with

Todd A. Blank todd at ipoutlet.com
Mon Dec 9 15:28:33 UTC 2002

Hello Everyone,

I appreciate all of the discussion regarding this issue.  Nothing has
changed.  This is getting worse.  We spoke to one network on Friday that
said they had cleared the problem, yet our users still can't go there.

For those of you that feel this is not anyone's problem, and that the
internet should just "work it out";

I hereby challenge one of you to trade CIDRs with us.  You take this ARIN assigned us and you go spend your valuable time,
resources, and money working out what seems to be "nobody's problem".
Also, if you would like to come over and answer the support calls and
explain to our customers why the competitor's networks can reach these
sites, but ours can't.  Hey - after all, it's just CIDR - it's all the
same, right?

Some of you have accused others of being too lazy to call the networks
that don't work - I assure all of you we have called the ones we know of
- over and over.  They still don't work.

Some of you have suggested that all we need to do is talk to people.  We
have been calling and talking for a months (almost three to be exact),
and the list of inaccessible sites continues to grow.  We have called
and talked until we are blue in the face.

What all of you don't know, is that for the first month we had this
CIDR, we could not register hosts on it at NetSol/Verisign, because
their core registry did not recognize it.  We have been getting F***ed
by this CIDR since day one.  We have only been successful with two
networks in getting filters removed.  How many more are out there?

I think we can all agree that whoever's responsibility it is, the
current system is broken.  You can't actually count on people to read
this list.  Maybe if IANA and ARIN and the other organizations that are
supposed to work together to make all this stuff work weren't so busy
trying to pass the buck, someone might have time to figure something

Somebody out there has to have a spare /19 lying around :-)  You know -
the good old IP numbers like the ones I used to get - they actually
worked ;-)

What we do know is that the number ARIN took from us sure worked for

Do you think they would be calling us if their bank suddenly told them
that even though they had delivered IP Addresses to us, they could not
receive our 3,000.00 dollars because it originated from a bank that has
a previously restricted routing code?


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