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Mon Dec 9 18:42:14 UTC 2002

On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Todd A. Blank wrote:

> I hereby challenge one of you to trade CIDRs with us.  You take this
> ARIN assigned us and you go spend your valuable time,
> resources, and money working out what seems to be "nobody's problem".

Was this an initial allocation into which you're renumbering out of
provider space, or a trade-in (you gave some block back to ARIN and got
this one)?  Based on the newness of your ASN and sho ip bg regex _26483,
I'm guessing it's your first allocation.  Assuming you did this because
you were about out of the space allocated to you by your provider(s), have
you looked into getting some more space from your providers to keep things
running while the issues with filters are worked out?  Even if
they've already given you as much space as their policies allow, I suspect
you could talk them into bending the rules in a case like this.  Creating
more networks to renumber sucks, but it beats losing customers, and you
have plenty of time...probably even more than the ARIN published
guidelines for renumbering due to the problems you've encountered...and 
what can ARIN do if you go beyond their suggested deadline anyway?

I don't have any spare CIDRs to trade you.  In fact, I'll be doing the 
ARIN dance again soon to get more space since we're running out.  I'm 
really not looking forward to being in the same boat as you, but at least 
I know now to expect trouble, especially if we get a chunk of the same /8 
you did.  

In your first message, you posted a couple of web sites that were not 
reachable from your IP space.  It'd be more useful (to people in your 
shoes) and more embarrassing (to the offending networks) if you could post 
the names of the networks/backbones you've identified thus far that are 
still filtering  

Maybe someone reading this list will know someone who knows someone at
those networks and be able to get something done.  If nothing else, it
gives the next guy who gets space a starting point of networks
to check connectivity to and networks to contact if things don't work for
them.  Then those networks will have multiple people pestering them to fix
their filters even if not everyone affected has customers that actually
care about reaching those nets.

> Also, if you would like to come over and answer the support calls and
> explain to our customers why the competitor's networks can reach these
> sites, but ours can't.  Hey - after all, it's just CIDR - it's all the
> same, right?

Have you given customers in the affected space the option of renumbering 
back into your previous IP space?

> What all of you don't know, is that for the first month we had this
> CIDR, we could not register hosts on it at NetSol/Verisign, because
> their core registry did not recognize it.  We have been getting F***ed

That should have set off some alarm bells and prompted a post to nanog a 
month ago.

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