Operational Issues with

Stephen Sprunk ssprunk at cisco.com
Fri Dec 6 19:48:54 UTC 2002

Thus spake "Alec H. Peterson" <ahp at hilander.com>
> <Putting on my hat as ARIN AC Chair>
> I see this as purely an operational issue.
> ARIN explicitly does not guarantee routability of prefixes it assigns.

This is a case of ARIN knowingly assigning unusable space to customers.
There's a huge difference there.

> If service providers choose to filter ARIN allocations, then that is an
> operational decision.  I really don't see what action you expect ARIN to
> take along these lines.

Assign him some temporarly space in a usable block while he tries to get the
offending ASs to fix their filters, and stop assigning out of 69/8 until it
actually works.  This isn't rocket science.


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