bgp geopolitical analysis (warning: zero operational content. or so.)

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On Tue, Nov 27, 2001 at 09:56:01PM -0500, Pickett, Mclean wrote:
  	How about mapping BGP info to Per Capita Income. I imagine you might
  see a better correlation there.

actually, you don't.
also note that it's not the same kind of metric,
because there is no 'whole pie' to cut up --
you're dealing with per-country means.
also note that per capita income really isn't
wildly different in the US versus other 
Internet-using countries --

but brad obliged you anyway, capita income is in here:

i'm not gonna add it to the real page because
the type of metric is fundamentally different
enough to be confusing, and it doesn't add
any additional insight.
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  Subject: bgp geopolitical analysis (warning: zero operational content.
  or so.)
  one of caida's elves (brad) did a cool
  visualization of demographic measures of 
  Internet resources, stratified by continent with
  substratification by country (with help of
  CIA factbook, RouteViews, and NetGeo).
      measures: geographic area, human population, GDP, phones-in-use,
      ASes, ISPs, prefixes, addresses....
  nothing overwhelmingly surprising here 
  but compelling nonetheless 
  (yes, it turns out data can be both)
    things are not what they seem to be,
    nor are they otherwise.  
    -lankavatara sutra

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