bgp geopolitical analysis (warning: zero operational content. or so.)

batz batsy at
Wed Nov 28 19:05:54 UTC 2001

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Pickett, Mclean wrote:

:	How about mapping BGP info to Per Capita Income. I imagine you might
:see a better correlation there.

Bill Cheswick did some work in mapping ASN's to countries, 
(among other things) particularly with his work monitoring 
BGP tables during the Kosovo troubles. I can't find the link 
to it, but I thoughtit was on CAIDA somewhere. I'm sure he's 
on the list and could provide the link, assuming he reads this 

I tried to assemble something like this (ASN to country mapping) a couple of 
years ago when I was looking into the feasabililty of data sanctions 
against different countries. I decided that it was feasable, and promptly 
neglected to follow up on actually doing the data corelation. (also known
as the 'science' of it in hindsight...) 

The data that started this thread provides some interesting insight into 
that very problem. As the major players online converge, we aren't so
much seeing a crystalizing effect (like telcom networks) as we are 
a congealing of networks into geopolitical clots. 

As wars are fought using sanctions and attacks on 
infrastructure, our understanding of geography is changing from 
geopolitical to what could best be described as "geocorporative". 


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