win95 and IEAK6.0

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> However there is no reason other than trying to force people to upgrade to
> the newest Microsoft OS version to write this browser so that it would not
> support windows 95 as well. Many of the rural users I deal with have
> machines barely able to run Windows 95, and forget windows 98.  
> If I tell my
> users they must upgrade their computers to use my service those users will
> simply find another internet service.

Are you sure that you would WANT to run IE 6 on these machines? The requirements for IE6 seem identical to the requirements for Win98, which you can find at (someone alread posted the requirements for IE6)

I know I've tried IE_5_ on a machine that's barely below these minimum requirements on Win95, and... well, let me put it this way: the 14.4 modem in that box was no longer the bottleneck. I have trouble believing that IE6 (or even IE5) would acceptably on a <P100, and if you have a P133+ I would think you can run Win98 just fine if you turn off active desktop (and then again, I'm not even sure anyone enables Active Desktop even on a 1900+ Athlon XP)


P.S. I don't know where you are, but in my general area (Ontario, Canada), you can buy refurb P166s capable of running Win98 for about $90CDN, or about $60USD (probably less than that, since the exchange rate sucks so much these days). Makes me wonder how much my nice 486 is worth these days... probably less than a box of donuts!

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