win95 and IEAK6.0

Dave Stewart dbs at
Wed Nov 21 22:45:19 UTC 2001

At 02:51 PM 11/21/2001, Bill Larson wrote:

>users they must upgrade their computers to use my service those users will
>simply find another internet service.

OK, I don't get this at all.

Why would existing users need to run IE6 at all?

For that matter, why would anyone *need* to run IE6?  It's not a terribly 
complicated matter to create the dialup connection in Win95... geez, how 
long did most of us go without even the cute wizards?

I do understand that you want to provide a "branded" copy of IE to your 
users - but I'd guess you've already provided that to your existing users, 
and frankly, the license notwithstanding, I don't see the software cops 
comin' down on you because you continue to distribute your old IE5 branded 
browser to Windows 95 users.

Of course, I'm not a lawyer...

If I were in that situation, I'd do just that - make up the new IE6 for 
users with machines/operating systems that can handle it, and keep the old 
IE5 for those who can't.

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