BT monopoly causes widespread network failure

Jeff Mcadams jeffm at
Wed Nov 21 20:38:19 UTC 2001

Also sprach Sean M. Doran
>Sean Donelan writes:

>| The joy of single provider service. 

>No, you mean: the joy of a rapacious monopoly with a spineless

BellSouth and the FCC and Kentucky Public Service Commission?

Oh, you're still talking about BT...sorry.

>BT has successfully stalled opening itself up to competition as
>required by EU and UK law, by sitting on the local loop.

Like BellSouth.

>Meanwhile, they themselves are deliberately slow on rolling out modern
>broadband services (e.g., xDSL) compared to the EU average.

Like BellSouth.

>In short, the UK is *the* backwater of Europe when it comes to
>high-speed Internet connectivity -- it is rare to find at all, and when
>you find it, it's not cheap.

Like Kentucky.

>You have evil incumbents in the USA too.  Beware. we're back to talking about BellSouth again.  I knew I was
right in the first place!  :)
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