BT monopoly causes widespread network failure

Giles Heron giles at
Wed Nov 21 19:50:56 UTC 2001

"Sean M. Doran" wrote:
> Sean Donelan writes:
> | The joy of single provider service.
> No, you mean: the joy of a rapacious monopoly with a spineless regulator.

could be worse, we could have an (even more) incompetent rapacious
monopoly and *no* regulator.

The situation in New Zealand is as follows:

ADSL users can pay as much as $NZ199 a month (about $80) for an ASDL
connection.  After the first 1.5GB of data they then pay an additional
18c per MB!

If they have a static IP address they can also expect several
"micro-outages" per hour because Telecom NZ are using RIP and don't
appear to know how to configure it.!OpenDocument!opendocument

(apologies for the absurdly long links.)


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