ISP network design of non-authoritative caches

Pat Myrto pat at rwing.ORG
Sat Nov 17 22:12:49 UTC 2001

Sean Donelan has declared that:
>  [ ... snip ... ]
> > > Is there a white paper, best common practice, or book which shows
> > > the naive ISP (whether they have 10 or 10 million subscribers) how
> > > to architect their DNS system?
> >
> > not of which i am aware.  wanna help write a dnsop i-d?
> Yes.  I didn't want to duplicate work.  If it doesn't exist, I
> can put together at least a few obvious good practices any operator
> should consider.

Please do (and post thots to nanog).  Some of us impaired geeks
that lurk about would benefit from the ideas that would surely
be generated.

Pat M/HW

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