Paul Vixie vixie at vix.com
Sat Nov 17 06:23:49 UTC 2001

> ...
> Correction: Other than the these two things: 
> a) Paul Vixie is a cofounder, chairman and CEO of MAPS LLC and at same
> time CTO of MFN (parent of above.net)

I have no operational or otherwise active role in MAPS and have not had
such a role for quite some time.  I am also no longer MFN's CTO; rather,
I'm president of MFN's PAIX.Net subsidiary, which means among other things
that I have absolutely nothing to do with Abovenet policy.

> b) Dave Rand is a cofounder and executive director of MAPS LLC and at same
> time EVP of MFN. 

Dave Rand resigned from MFN earlier this year.

> Don't get me wrong, I like MAPS and I think ORBS/MAPS flamewars are silly.
> (And certainly hoping I'm not starting one now). But a little bit of
> honesty never hurt anyone, and its a bit disingenious to say that there's
> absolutely nothing in common between Above/MFN and MAPS.

There were nominal commonalities between the management teams of these
organizations at various times in the past, but no interdependent
relationship or shared goals or shared fate between them, *ever*.  And
today there are *no* commonalities between the company's management teams.

I hope that's honest enough for you.

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