PacBell Frame Relay Outage?

Bill Woodcock woody at
Fri May 25 20:12:04 UTC 2001

    > Is anyone else experiencing an outage in the PacBell Frame Relay cloud in
    > the SF Bay area.?  75% of my PVCs are down and the trouble number is busy or
    > you go into "hold" forever.

Pac Bell (ASI/NDPSC, actually) had a failure of the management system for
their NewBridge frame/ATM switches at 08:25 this morning, which put 19,000
PVCs into "waiting for connect" state.  They were doing individual
reconnects for customers up until about 11am, when the senior techs took
control of the management system to try to solve the whole problem at
once, rather than one-by-one.  The Cascades are unaffected, and from what
I can see it may be affecting the 36/120s more than the 36/170s, but that
may just be coincidence, looking at our lines.  Overall, about 10% of our
PVCs were affected, and they were able to bring about a third of those
back up before 11am.  But we had half of our tickets open in the first
fifteen minutes of the outage.

They're currently predicting that they'll have things back up at 14:00.


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