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Alexei Roudnev alex at
Fri May 25 17:01:35 UTC 2001

> i regularly configure ISP's with a limit on the size of email messages.
> (generally 10meg, although i think 100k is probably better).
If you do it, this ISP lost a lot of customers. Just as if you use ORBS you are
loosing customers.

Any unreasonable limitation is unfair practice; 10Mb is reasonable because larger
parsels can not fit into the receiving computer. On the other hand, attachments
did e-mail real post transoport agd get a huge advantage to the e-mail users. You
can return to the rock age if you want, but don't ask customers do it.

Spam is spam - (1) you use 1 click to remove it; (2) it's easy to sort it out (bu
request) using statistical methods (and you don't need to remove it; just delay
and inform receiver _you have this box full of spam; it will be removed in a week
but you can check it if you want).

Think abiout ISP as about post office. You can send letter or send parsel; post
office deliver it to your home, but if parsel is not fitted into the box or can't
be placed to your yard, they leave you notification and keep parsel for some tome
(until you'll get it) but dont destroy it. Just the same in case of ISP.

If my wife send me pictures describing her trip, she should use simple _insert
pictures_ not bothering about sizes etc; and so millions does.

Alexei Roudnev.
> when they get a complaint, i then point them to the fact that many of the
> large email messages get stuck in the queue because the receiving side
> is too slow or doesn't have enough disk, or the users quota is full.
> and of course, the sending user hears that it wasn't received, and then
> assumes it was lost and resends it.
> file transfer by email is evil.
> i've been saying that for literally 10 years now:
> > Date:     Sun, 19 May 1991 17:38:33 EDT
> > From: Melinda Varian <maint at>
> > To: merce at iguana.UUCP
> > Subject:  Re: status of BITFTP for non-BITNET sites
> >
> > Yes,  BITFTP is currently restricted to users sending requests from
> > sites on BITNET/EARN/NetNorth.  And, yes, this is the direct result
> > of your complaints.
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