M. David Leonard mdl at
Fri May 25 11:55:17 UTC 2001

	Sorry, can't resist replying here.  In my limited (7 years) 
experience, 99% of all large file transfers via e-mail consist of dancing 
babies, horny snowmen, clumsy reindeer/monkeys/people movie clips.  Oh, 
did I mention the plethora of cutesy jack-o-lanterns around October 
31st?  I also find it remarkable that no one seems to protect these 
'sensitive' documents with PGP or another encryption method since we all 
know that e-mail is in plain text.  What were you saying about ftp being 

					David Leonard

On Fri, 25 May 2001, Mitch Halmu wrote:

> So what's a regular user to do? Email it! Hence the legitimate use of
> email for transmission of large files. Most ISPs know that if they start
> limiting this privilege, users will migrate to someone that allows it.

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