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>Got two emails in reasonably close order (this follows an argument about
>Netsol selectively deleting emails from the DP archive)

A couple of days ago, someone posted the details and content of a $180 
million lawsuit filed against NSI/VeriSign and some of it's top officers by 
a former director of the company.  In this lawsuit he makes several 
allegations, mainly regarding racial and job discrimination but also 
including allegations of specific incidents he was privy to in which NSI 
(and then VeriSign) lied to Dept. of Commerce, ICANN, NTIA, etc.; stole 
domains for big customers and important personages, and generally played dirty.

Some other former NSI/Versign employees posted that the allegations fit 
corporate rumors and could likely have merit.

Then, suddenly and with absolutely NO warning - the list was killed.

Suspicious?  Highly since the list has been used as an information conduit 
by VeriSign/NSI and several of their people had official prescences on the 
list.  Amazing that it was taken down at *this* point and with no notice.

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