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Thu May 24 17:09:56 UTC 2001

If you'd been following some of the responses there ...
It was an ex-employee making allegations wrt a legal matter, in process,
between them and NSI. Rather than leave it with the courts, that ex started
spamming the DP list with their version of events. This created a legal
problem for NSI. Caught between a rock and a hard place, the DP list got
squashed. I would have done the same thing.

The first time I saw flip's note, combined with some stuff on the DNSO/GA
list, I started building a mail server, on a spare amdK6-233 Linux box, to
run under DNSO.NET. Frankly, I could use some help with that effort
(Postfix/MailMan/INN). I was not expecting this to happen for at least
another week.

The DP list was the only impartial list around. Everything else is under
ICANN/DNSO control.

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> From: David Howe [mailto:DaveHowe at]
> Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 9:00 AM
> To: nanog at
> Subject: Domain-Policy?
> Got two emails in reasonably close order (this follows an 
> argument about
> Netsol selectively deleting emails from the DP archive)
> -------------------------------- first
> message -------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject:      We Are Mad As Hell And Doing Something!
> NOTE: NSI is refusing to post this email message for over 10 
> hours. This is

> -------------------------------- end of first
> message ---------------------------
> -------------------------------second
> message --------------------------------
> From: Tom Newell <tomn at LISTS.NETSOL.COM>
> Subject:      List deactivation
> This list will be closed effective immediately.  When

> --Tom
> -------------------------------- end of first
> message ---------------------------
> and Domain-Policy is **gone** - gone from the website 
> (archive and all),
> email to the list bounces, resub requests to the majordomo fail.
> any ideas what is going on here (other than the obvious 
> impression that the
> easiest way to stop the argument is to delete the forum)

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