Stealth Blocking

Jeremy T. Bouse undrgrid at
Thu May 24 03:39:00 UTC 2001

Mike Batchelor was said to been seen saying:
> Sorry, I just have to respond to this.  If the solution to the open relay
> problem is to make all users/customers upgrade their mail software so that
> SMTP AUTH can be used instead, then why not extend this idea to its logical
> conclusion and stop using IPv4?  Just do it, it's only a software upgrade,
> after all, same as upgrading to MUAs that support SMTP AUTH.  IPv6 would
> probably help make a bigger dent in the spam problem than MAPS ever will.
	I'm quite sure you meant for this to be some wise-ass comment so
I hate to disappoint you when I tell you my internal network is already
been upgraded to IPv6 at this time and welcome it globally as I assist to
do so.

	As for upgrading how many people are using a version of IE less than
4.0 these days? IIRC Outlook Express that came with IE 4.0 support SMTP AUTH.
As due many other very popular MUAs.

	I take it you also still design your websites for version 3.0 and
earlier browsers. Is it that hard to think that upgrades in the name of
better security are not a *WISE* and *PRUDENT* move rather than leaving 
your frontdoor unlocked while you go out to the convience store?


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