Stealth Blocking

Alex Bligh alex at
Wed May 23 22:42:21 UTC 2001

> 1)  MAPS is a single self appoint law enforcement agency on the INTERNET.
> Don't argue until you hear me out.
> a) MAPS creates the LAW, ie. no open relay
> b) MAPS enforces the law

I didn't think I'd ever be drawn into this debate, however...

MAPS publishes a list of IP addresses. It might use whatever
bizarre mechanism it likes to generate them. However, in my
personal view, and many many other people, this lists bears a very
good correlation to IP addresses which I don't want sending
email to my mail server. They do this for free. Noone is forced
to use them. If you think the way they identify these IP
addresses is (a) irrational (b) unjust (c) bizarre, whatever,
please feel free to create your own competitive product/gift,
gain the sort of respect MAPS has, and good luck to you.

However, in the mean time, stop whining at people who
are merely publishing exactly that - a list of IP addresses
determined via a relatively well documented procedure - and,
if you have a good case (but I think not) start trying to
convince those thousands of users who think that subscribing
is a good way to stop spam that they are fundamentally wrong.

Alex Bligh
Personal Capacity

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