Stealth Blocking

Andy andy at
Wed May 23 18:02:00 UTC 2001

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Mitch Halmu wrote:

> > Oh, I'm constantly falling in and out of ORBS and peoples killfiles.
> > Do I particularly care?  Nope... people have a right to block whatever traffic
> > they want from their machines.
> ORBS is a foreign entity. Out of reach. Vixie is ante portas. American, like
> you and me. Blackmailing American providers, breaking state and federal laws 
> with impunity. People that subscribe to the blackhole lists probably have no
> idea who in particular they are blocking or to what extent. Or even why.

I keep missing the part that has to do with laws and legallity. You see to
like to toss that around without any legal precedence for your
statements. Its a shame for you and your employer that you don't believe
in filtering abuse from your network. Your also in the minority. Simple as
that. Just as it is your right to misconfigure your mail server and
provide free services to spammers, it is my right to blackhole you from
existance. Neat how that works both ways. Its probably best that everyone
agrees to disagree. You can keep providing services to spammers and we
will continue to block you and we can leave it at that. I'm sure some
people on SPAM-L would have some opinions on this subject should you
decide to take it to the proper forum.


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