Stealth Blocking

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Wed May 23 19:40:22 UTC 2001

On 05/23/01, Mitch Halmu <mitch at> wrote: 

> > > Third, the new 'rule' MAPS just came up with now is that you must keep your 
> > > server open to their 'testing', or they'll blackhole you. See for yourself:
> > >
> > > That is the reason given for blocking us the second time around. No new 
> > > 'evidence', just open wide for inspection and say ahhh...
> > 
> > Uhhh... so how do you propose that relays are tested to make sure they're
> > closed before being removed from the database?
> This is the very thing they considered abusive just a few months ago.
> Wasn't it MAPS that blocked ORBS for scanning Abovenet's ports in the 
> first place? So now they took their rival's worst rules and made it their 
> own. Now it's my turn to say absolute rubbish.

	You're blocking MAPS' test, but you leave your server open to
	relay from just about anywhere else.  Perhaps the error message
	they gave you was unclear, but it should be fairly obvious that
	if you want to get off the list, you have to close the relay.

	MAPS isn't "forcing" you to do anything, you know.  You're very
	welcome to continue to leave it open.  And, likewise, everyone
	else is equally welcome to block all mail from your server, with
	or without MAPS' easy removal process.

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