2 Wire T1 - HDLC

Hunter Pine hunter at compuhelp.com
Mon May 14 21:53:41 UTC 2001

That was my mistake Mike. HDSL is NOT two SDSL lines by definition. It's
just two circuits running symmetric 768k DSL (not SDSL) bonded to form a
single1.5mb line.

My fault for using SDSL (where S is the initial for symmetric) instead of
symmetric DSL lines. They are two different things in this case.

Sorry for the confusion I started, please resume your regularly scheduled
nanog ranting. :)

And thanks for the nitpicking Mike. :)

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> John Tamplin:
> > the smartjack extracts the T1 -- I have two of these in my house, using
> > Pairgain (now ADC)'s HiGain Solitaire H2TU.R402 for T1 transport.  The
> > of the frame describing the product line is at (minus any line breaks or
> > spaces added along the way):
> >
> > This specific card is under HDSL2 RT Modules.
> Thats the units we have on the wall for some recent T1 installs as well.
> So far working very well.. Yes, it is HDSL, It's not 2 x 786K sDSL or
> whatever as stated in the original posted email that I responded to.
> Whats funny is I got 2 private emails from BellSouth engineering types
> that did not know they were being installed in this region.

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