2 Wire T1 - HDLC

mike harrison meuon at highertech.net
Mon May 14 21:41:01 UTC 2001

John Tamplin:
> the smartjack extracts the T1 -- I have two of these in my house, using
> Pairgain (now ADC)'s HiGain Solitaire H2TU.R402 for T1 transport.  The URL
> of the frame describing the product line is at (minus any line breaks or 
> spaces added along the way): 
> http://www6.adc.com/ecom/wps?lineid=OND2737&group=T1%2bTransport%252FHiGain&EXPAND=OND50995&L=EC_List_Group_Index.html&R=WPS_Out_Hierarchy.html&ID=OND50995
> This specific card is under HDSL2 RT Modules.

Thats the units we have on the wall for some recent T1 installs as well.
So far working very well.. Yes, it is HDSL, It's not 2 x 786K sDSL or
whatever as stated in the original posted email that I responded to.

Whats funny is I got 2 private emails from BellSouth engineering types
that did not know they were being installed in this region. 

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