Steve Sobol sjsobol at
Mon May 14 17:39:14 UTC 2001

Bill Woodcock wrote:

>     > I don't think the technology is the problem, but the competence
>     > (or lack of it) amongst the major players.
>     > All of our problems have not been related to the DSL technology itself, but
>     > rather the screwups of the providers.
> Have you considered the possibility that you weren't paying for
> competence?  If you chose to call the _business_ services group of any of
> the involved providers, and order a T1 at normal price, you might
> discover whether they're competent or not.

CAIS apparently just sucks. I couldn't even get the idiots there to return
my phone calls saying "I WANT TO PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS"
(as a DSL reseller), after several calls to their salesdroids from both myself
and one of the senior Business Development executives at Covad.

I was then informed by someone who had used them that their support
was nonexistent - and I believe it. If they won't return calls that generate
direct revenue, why should we expect them to return calls that don't?

Other situations may be different, but I concur with Mr. Palmer's
assessment of CAIS as incompetent.

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