10 gige experience

Vinay Bannai bannai at pacbell.net
Wed May 9 22:53:05 UTC 2001

Mike Leber wrote:

> Anybody out there have any experience with 10 gigabit ethernet?
> I'm looking for switches and routers that actually exist (heh, as opposed
> to the kind found in marketing literature).  I've heard extreme is
> shipping 10 gige stuff.  Any news when cisco or juniper will have
> something?
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I don't think the 10GEA has standarized the draft. It is slated for mid 2002.
But some vendors might have non-standard implementations, but I am not aware of

Most of the stuff available at the 10Gbps rate is OC-192 and has nothing to do
with 10Gbps Ethernet...


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