Instant chats and central servers

David Schwartz davids at
Wed May 9 21:46:50 UTC 2001

> >A P2-266 with 64Mb of RAM, running NT4.0, a web server, and a
> >chat server,
> >held 2,800 chat users and about 800 web connections at the same time. The
> < >
> in that statement you made you said the box had 128MB of RAM.

	I'm almost certain that the correct machine specs were as I said in that
last email, P2-266 with 64Mb. I believe NT4.0 locks a minimum of 8Kb per TCP
connection (for the first chunk it might receive), and 2,800 chat
connections plus 800 web connections would be about 30Mb. Since NT 4.0 won't
let you lock more than half the memory for I/O by default, 64Mb makes the
math work out. If anybody really cares, I can contact the people involved
and confirm the machine specifications.

	Lest you think I'm picking on NT, FreeBSD will do similar things if you run
it out of mbufs. And Windows 2000 doesn't seem to have this particular
problem any more (it has other more minor problems, but that's another


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