Instant chats and central servers

ken harris. ken at
Wed May 9 00:57:54 UTC 2001

>This begs a question - does anyone have good experience with SSL-enabled
>IRC servers? I'm testing UnrealIRCd right now, but I've run into some
>showstopper bugs when trying to link servers over SSL. Any other

i've toyed around with nakenchat:
  < >

it's web based primarily, that way you don't need to explain
to some people how to use any irc client, and i toyed around
with some homemade hacks within it adding xor filters and the like.
i had to setup a chat arena where psychiatrists could communicate
with their patients, so you can imagine the security features that i evovled
into it and how locked down you can make it.

it serves it purpose properly, and has pretty much all the features
you'll find in an irc server. when i found a couple problems (buffer 
overflows etc),
the maintainer was quick to implement fixes and help out wherever needed.



-ken harris.

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