When will 128M not be enough?

mike harrison meuon at highertech.net
Sat Jul 14 19:37:55 UTC 2001

> disabled and almost nothing else enabled. Does anyone have experience with
> zebra/mrt/... as a route server?. I need one and would like to you for the
> cheap server based solution instead of having to buy a fully fledged router.

I have used Zebra for about 2 years, with two and three uplinks
in what I would call a very basic conservative configuration
and good results. Currently using .89a     


Linux running Zebra:

shredder /root]# uptime
  3:29pm  up 69 days, 13:28,  4 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

2 full feeds: 
%CPU %MEM VSZ   RSS    Start 
0.7  14.3 39376 36972  Jun18 272:26 /usr/local/sbin/bgpd -d

It'd be up longer if I had not been playing with it. 

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