SWIP update intervals (was: Re: Getting an AS and /18)

Joseph T. Klein jtk at titania.net
Tue Jul 3 18:23:30 UTC 2001

Speaking of ....

What IS going on with rwhois? I heard some talk at the SF ARIN meeting
about enhancing the rwhois code and making it more workable for ISPs.
IMHO - SWIP is a generally  inferior system ... at least to the potential
of using rwhois. The real leverage comes if it can be integrated into
larger distributed database systems.

Maintaining delegation information is a pain. Having valid delegation
of IP address space helps in tracking the guys with black hats.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile to develop a mechanism to limit views
of contact information to valid ASN POCs via some form of keyed access
... since those who work in the AS/BGP space need to know who to contact
as the source of packet, as apposed to marketing organizations.

Are the registries going to actively work to extend and enhance
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