PC-based routers (Re: Open Source BGP-router?)

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> Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 08:32:19 -0800
> From: Jim Shankland <nanog at shankland.org>

> Does anybody have any rough figures for what kind of load (both
> bytes/s total throughput and packets/s) a more or less vanilla x86
> running a free OS can handle today?  The last time I looked at this --
> several years ago -- I seemed to top out at somewhere close to 200
> Mb/s total throughput; I figured I could safely count on 100 Mb/s.
> That is consistent with a 32-bit PCI bus running at 33 MHz: raw
> capacity is 1 Gb/s, but each bit takes two trips over the bus, so
> that's 500 Mb/s, but then there's substantial bus overhead
> (contention, burst setup overhead, etc.).

Hardly vanilla x86, but in between PCs and <insert favorite
router mfg here> one has CompactPCI and cPSB.  A quick Google
search will give more info.


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