Open Source BGP-router?

Stephen Griffin stephen.griffin at
Mon Dec 10 19:26:30 UTC 2001

In the referenced message, measl at said:
> Any of the BSD derivatives will work fine.  My personal preference being
> FreeBSD.  Remember though, without significat hardware changes, the home
> x86/BSD/zebra solution is not going to work in a core environment - there are
> backplane throughput issues stopping you there.  This should be considered as
> box for either the lab or the small lan/wan environment.
> Yours,
> J.A. Terranson
> sysadmin at

Of course, it is possible to only offload the best-path computations, and
keep non-PC routers for packet forwarding. This in much the same way
as the current route-servers operate. For IBGP, route-reflector
clusters with the masters being zebra boxes, would probably work.
For EBGP, mrtd is probably the best if you already express your routing
policy in the IRR (public or private), or gated/zebra otherwise.

Haven't tested in "real-life" but it seems workable.

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