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Miles Fidelman mfidelman at civicnet.org
Sun Dec 2 14:48:31 UTC 2001

On Sat, 1 Dec 2001, Jeff Wasilko wrote:

> > I think it depends on whether you were originally a MediaOne cable system
> > or a TCI system.  MediaOne systems still use Roadrunner as their ISP,
> > while TCI was Excite-based. Lucky for me, I'm on a former MediaOne net.
> That's not correct. The old Mediaone/AT&T Broadband regions are
> not using RoadRunner. The systems and staff were split off from
> RoadRunner when AT&T had to divest it's interest in RoadRunner
> (as part of the AOL/TimeWarner merger, IIRC).

But the contracts have a life to run.

I'm on a former MediaOne system in Newton, MA, and on the cable board
here, and I can assure you that a lot of the infrastructure feeding my
cable modem comes from Roadrunner, not excite - though there seem to have
been some changes over the past month or so.

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