Query for NANOG: Want a Peering BOF?

William B. Norton wbn at equinix.com
Wed Sep 22 13:51:09 UTC 1999

At 12:57 AM 9/18/99 -0400, David Diaz wrote:
>could you post the draft on a web site and then take feedback.  thanks

At this point the paper roughly describes the decision making process for 
a) identifying peering candidates, 
b) initial contacts and discussions, and 
c) methodology discussions, 

but it is based on only a handful of ISP interviews. I think it is
premature to broadcast it out in its current form and would like to wait
until the model goes through a few more stepwise refinements (more
interviews and feedback). That is one of the reasons to present the
decision tree paper and discuss it at the peering BOF.

I've received about 30 or so folks that think the peering bof is a great
idea, and it looks like we will probably be able to do this at the next
NANOG. Peering folks - thanks for the feedback and don't forget to bring
business cards to the Montreal NANOG ;-)

See you in Montreal!


PS - I will share the abstract:

Interviews with Internet Service Providers have highlighted three distinct
decision phases that customers go through prior to selection of a
particular peering solution: Identification (Traffic Engineering Data
Collection and Analysis), Contact & Qualification (Initial Peering
Negotiation), and Implementation (Peering Methodology Discussion). The
first phases identifies the who and the why, while the last phase focuses
on the how. 

This paper is based upon interviews with Internet Service Providers
(specifically  Peering Coordinators) and documents each of these phases
that lead up to the selection of peering method and selection of Internet
Business Exchange environments. The appendix includes a diagram
highlighting the key questions asked when identifying peering candidates
and determining the method of peering.

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