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Tue Nov 23 16:56:56 UTC 1999

I'm all for working with the community. Each time I have, it has turned out that we need to operate relays.

Possibly, SMTP AUTH will make unauthenticated relaying unnecessary. I'm still looking into how widely deployed it is on email clients.

Its the foolish people who ASSUME that all of the internet is composed of cable modems and the company email server, and the internal company modem bank, all behind a firewall and a VPN who think we don't need to operate relays.

Try to take relaying out of sendmail, and see what happens.

I'm just foolish enough to tell the junior antispammer league that relaying has a legitimate purpose, and can't be removed.  Most other people aren't willing to waste the time with them.  I was also foolish enough to think they could think something through without resorting to abusing our servers, and making posts to alt.2600.  Yep. I know when I did something wrong.


Around 07:03 PM 11/22/1999 -0500, rumor has it that Greg A. Woods said:
>[ On Monday, November 22, 1999 at 17:26:08 (-0500), Dean Anderson wrote: ]
>> Subject: Re: ARIN whois
>> We're up to 80K and rising. 2 big ones. Some smaller ones over
>> 5K. Most the rest are under $500. Unless we can pin them to one or a
>> small group of people. Then all their attacks are summed. A number of
>> small attacks over a short period can then be criminal.  This amount
>> interests both lawyers and collections companies.
>Dean you're being a libellous idiot.  When the judge finds out you left
>your front doors wide open with a big flashing neon sign above them
>he'll no doubt have a very hard time controlling his laughter; if you
>can ever get your case that far, that is.  The *real* costs are only
>those associated with closing your relays -- not some inflated price
>list for services you've invented.
>If you'd try working *with* the community, instead of against it, you'd
>be one hell of a lot further along.
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