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Tue Nov 23 20:36:37 UTC 1999

[ On Tuesday, November 23, 1999 at 11:56:56 (-0500), Dean Anderson wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: ARIN whois

There you go posting private e-mail to the list again.  Please don't do
that!  If you can't figure out how to run you're mailer properly then
perhaps you shouldn't be using it.  (Maybe I should have guessed at your
mailer skills when I saw how your text wasn't nicely formatted....)

> I'm all for working with the community. Each time I have, it has
> turned out that we need to operate relays.

That's a pretty damn poor service you're "offering" to the community
then.  Dis-service, more like....

As someone else has already tried to explain, mail relays never have to
be "open relays".

> Possibly, SMTP AUTH will make unauthenticated relaying
> unnecessary. I'm still looking into how widely deployed it is on email
> clients.

Possibly -- if *you* can figure out how to do it!

> Its the foolish people who ASSUME that all of the internet is composed
> of cable modems and the company email server, and the internal company
> modem bank, all behind a firewall and a VPN who think we don't need to
> operate relays.
> Try to take relaying out of sendmail, and see what happens.

Been there -- done that (well, with smail, not sendmail, but what the
heck) -- on to more interesting challenges.

> I'm just foolish enough to tell the junior antispammer league that
> relaying has a legitimate purpose, and can't be removed.  Most other
> people aren't willing to waste the time with them.  I was also foolish
> enough to think they could think something through without resorting
> to abusing our servers, and making posts to alt.2600.  Yep. I know
> when I did something wrong.

Given your propensity for claiming you're going to make a profit from
prosecuting the so-called "offenders", perhaps we should surmise that
your true "legitimate business purpose" is to do just that.

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