Port 43 Whois Announcement

Patrick Evans pre at pre.org
Wed Nov 17 01:42:19 UTC 1999

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Dean Anderson wrote:

> My question (should just test I suppose) is if the rwhois client
> will automatically query the delegated whois server for the rest
> of the information. Now that might be useful...
Ever since rs.internic.net STOPPED being authoritative for ALL
registered .com, .net or .org domains, I've had to run something like
this at work - the core of our business revolves around domain
registration, and the various monkeys in the office need a quick
catch-all command to do it. Doing a whois on a domain, applying for
it, and having to go back to the customer 24 hours later to admit
"sorry, didn't notice register.com grabbed that one 6 months ago"
wasn't high on anyone's list of Things To Have To Do.

It only takes something like... 
	whois -h `whois -h whois.crsnic.net $1 | \
		  grep 'Whois Server:' | cut -f2- -d:` $1

...to get the full whois record from the relevant registrar (though 
it could perhaps be done a little more elegantly).

> William Allen Simpson said:
> >
> > What nonsense is this? 
> >
> > The registrant and contact information should be in the same 
> > records as the name servers.  After all, that's why we called 
> > it "whois", not something else.  We want the "who" part, so that 
> > we can contact them!
Personally speaking, I'd like one registrar with one billing procedure
and one set of contact handles for me to deal with, who are actually
capable of running the service competently, and don't require me to
jump through hoops (and/or open a bloody web browser) just to change
the listed nameservers for one domain or a thousand domain names.

Monopoly? Who cares, if they can do the job! I want my life to get
simpler, not harder.

What we want and what we get are, sadly, two very different things :(

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