Alex P. Rudnev alex at virgin.relcom.eu.net
Mon Nov 1 16:21:17 UTC 1999

Do you think it's _NEW_ for me?

I'v want just to highlight this point... Here in Russia .ru sub-root name
servers just get funds from the *.ru fee's; and it's wonderful (not for me but
in principle) why . owners don't see at least 50% of the *. fee money.

And no doubt .com fee should not be 50$/year (for the NETSOL company which MUST
pay this fee).

// Sorry, I'v add 'nanog' to this post because it's really the question Internet
// society should ask now, when a lot of different fee's was introduced. I don't
// like to see the ruins of Internet in a few next years... just because some
// landlords catched the services which are mandatory for the Internet.

> Got news for you ... the root-server.net operators don't see that money
> unless they happen to also work for NSI. The other operators don't get a
> dime of it. Albeit, they should. Likewise, IANA does not get access to these
> funds.

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