Is anyone actually USING IP QoS?

Alex P. Rudnev alex at
Tue May 18 13:59:03 UTC 1999

Quite agree:

> I'll agree that rather than concentrating on the latest and greatest 
> QoS "if everyone adopted <foo> we'd be fine" strategies (that sound 
> identical to the Promise of an ATM World), we should be concentrating 
> on things that have been demonstrated to improve quality (CoS-based 
> queueing, modern queue management, intra-domain CoS-tags, replacement 

> of UDP by TCP wherever possible, content replication/caching, etc).
Except this -:) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^      But this !  

> The issue of adapting your CoS-queues -across the domain- to demand
> seems to me the sharp edge of real VoIP deployment.
Btw, RSVP just do it. But if have not your incoming links overloaded, 
simple fixed queue management (controlled by precedences and tags) is 
enougph and can be realised at the inter-ISP level.

On the other hand, I can't believe someone can run RSVP at the inter-ISP 

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