Is anyone actually USING IP QoS?

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Tue May 18 13:11:29 UTC 1999

pk>How the heck are people able to deploy native-IP networks
pk>with these kinds of limitations/problems with QoS? Or did I
pk>miss something about QoS recently?

va>Yep.  The biggest QoS secret is that nobody actually needs
va>it.  Bandwidth is cheap and is growing cheaper.  The
va>manpower needed to deploy and maintain QoS is getting
va>more and more expensive.

Overbuild strategies are the most common from what I've seen, but 
are also fragile.  Technological history is replete with "overbuilds" 
that either ran into their end of life too soon, or were pressed 
into service far longer than the designers intended. [insert 
obligatory mickeysoft memory management flame-by-example]  

I'll agree that rather than concentrating on the latest and greatest 
QoS "if everyone adopted <foo> we'd be fine" strategies (that sound 
identical to the Promise of an ATM World), we should be concentrating 
on things that have been demonstrated to improve quality (CoS-based 
queueing, modern queue management, intra-domain CoS-tags, replacement 
of UDP by TCP wherever possible, content replication/caching, etc).
The issue of adapting your CoS-queues -across the domain- to demand
seems to me the sharp edge of real VoIP deployment.



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