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Charles Sprickman spork at
Sat May 1 00:00:55 UTC 1999

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Christian Nielsen wrote:

> This has been talked about at nanog so I am sure that everyone knows the
> pros/cons(?) on using the RA.

Are there any cons to it for a small multi-homed ISP?

Also, I noticed Genuity does this on all their 'as-in' rules:

aut-num:        AS3847
as-name:        ASN-GENUITY
descr:          Genuity Inc a Bechtel Company
as-in:          AS293 1 AS-ESNETUS AND NOT {}
as-in:          AS568 1 AS568 AND NOT {}
as-in:          AS1746 1 AS-DRANET AND NOT {}
as-in:          AS2551 1 AS-NETCOM AND NOT {}             
I don't see any harm in it, yet I don't see lots of other people doing it
in my random sampling.

Also who actually uses the RA?  What are the filter policies (in general)
of those who don't?  I ask as I'm going to bring some new space up next
week and I'd be curious to see if I'll be invisible to anyone...


> Christian

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