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Neil J. McRae neil at
Sat May 1 09:53:29 UTC 1999

neighbor x.x.x.x shutdown will stop you from having to delete the neighbor
completely therefore avoid risks like this.

> Christian & NANOG in general:
> Our apologies for the BGP problem.  We turned down our peering with UUNET
> today due to serious routing problems in Raleigh NC.  When our NOC
> personnel reestablised the peering, they failed to utilize the peer-group
> that includes all of our outbound route filtering.  Additional
> documentation and training will be implemented Monday - in the interim any
> BGP alterations will be performed by Backbone Engineering.
> We will audit our RA entries and verify that all of our routing data is
> present and correct.
> Tim McKee, Chief Technology Officer
> Info Avenue Internet Services, LLC

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